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Annual Planning

What is Annual Planning?

Annual Planning is a facilitated activity that should be undertaken by every management team once-a-year to plan their projects for the coming 12 months.

Typical contents

Identify all the projects that need to be carried out over the next 12 months
Prioritise each project
Allocate Champions and Project Leaders
Identify timescales
Identify who needs to be involved
Plan how the resulting projects will be monitored and steered
Start work on remits - defining the aims, inclusions and exclusions for each project

Who should attend?

The leader of the team and their direct reports

Typical duration

½-a-day to a full day

Use your own Facilitators

If we have trained Facilitators in your organisation, they can carry out this type of assignment for you.


Click here for the Annual Planning Briefing Note.

Project Steering Grid
produced by in-house Facilitators
at Stevenage Homes

This is a beautifully produced Project Steering Grid sent to us by Richard Field who writes:

"Now that I've seen Annual Planning in action I'm beginning to realise it comes with a whole portfolio of advantages. I'm impressed with the way it simplifies the planning process, turns it into a collective effort and works from the bottom up. I'm also beginning to realise that it makes the results so much more accessible to staff and encourages openness among managers. We've set up the 12 sheets of the grid in the main office and invited all staff to come and have a look. Beats a 70 page report any day!"