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Interface Events

What is an Interface Event?

An Interface Event involves two or more teams that need to improve or develop the way they work together. Sometimes this is necessary when 'finger pointing' between teams has reached an unacceptable level, on other occasions when a need for improvement has been recognised. The exact content will depend upon the situation. An Interface Event will identify issues, blockages and actions required for improvement.

Interface Events can be run for teams from within the same organisation or teams from different organisations that need to work closely together. In the latter scenario, this might be the Executive Team from both organisations.


The process

We start off by meeting with the leaders of the teams involved and sometimes speak to other key players. Next we put together a proposal to meet the needs identified. On the day itself we run the event, provide the structure and facilitate any tricky situations. Finally, we provide a review letter with observations and recommendations and then meet with the leaders to review the event, evaluate progress made event and discuss next steps.

What success looks like

It is easy to facilitate a feel-good event that ultimately makes no difference - we don't want to do that. An initial event typically produces a marked improvement in relationships. Better relationships don't last, nor do they automatically lead to an improvement in working practices or processes. Moving away from being nice to each other needs to be backed up by changes in day-to-day interactions, especially meetings, processes and decision-making. Therefore the outputs of the event need to lead to this.

For the most important relationships, Interface Events should not be viewed as a one-off activity. When to hold a follow-up event depends on many factors and this is something to be explored as part of the review process. Too frequent and too infrequent events both lead to diminishing returns so the objective is to find the middle ground and maintain momentum.


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