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Organisational Improvement Programme

Background and purpose

The Organisational Improvement Programme is aimed at Direct Reports to Director-level in an organisation - the Next Tier Down in UIMPROVE language. This level of the organisation is where the high-level direction set by the top tier, or Corporate Brain, is made real. This is where the "rubber hits the road" to quote one of our long-term clients.

The benefits of getting this level working cohesively are massive. Conversely the consequences of not getting it right can significantly hinder the smooth running of an organisation.

The programme is 12 days in total in four modules each of 3 days spread over 10-12 months. The overall objective of the programme is to improve the organisation, in particular how this tier of the organisation drives forward the direction and strategies set by the Corporate Brain. In order to do this, participants need to understand their role in and how to:

(1) Contribute to and implement strategy
(2) Identify, champion, lead and participate in projects at a variety of levels
(3) Ensure routine operation is running effectively and is actively controlled
(4) Develop effective meeting structures, run and participate in productive meetings
(5) Use data in project work, for the control of routine operation, to understand and improve process performance and drive improvements in customer satisfaction
(6) Continuously improve the organisation (practically year-after-year and not just use the phrase)
(7) Ensure the people who work for them (at all levels) understand and are practically involved in all of the above and not just passive receivers of instructions and information


Who should attend?

Direct Reports to the Corporate Brain
It is sometimes appropriate for leaders of large teams or areas of routine operation at levels below to attend but please discuss this with us before making a decision

Typically these senior managers:

(1) Lead or champion projects, i.e. either carry out project work themselves and/or delegate project work to others
(2) Are responsible for systems of routine operation - significant parts of the day-to-day work of the organisation
(3) Run meetings
(4) Lead a department or team


What participants will be able to do

Organisational improvement and strategy

Understand how to go about organisational improvement
Understand the underpinning history, philosophy and principles
Understand the link between philosophy, strategy, projects and routine operation
Contribute to and implement organisational strategy
Lead their part of the organisation's Annual Corporate Planning Process
Adopt a consistent approach and language across the organisation
Understand some of the jargon and fads that are around


Develop and participate in projects to deliver organisational strategy
Establish an annual plan of all the projects they and their team need to carry out
Steer projects
Push project work down the organisation
Involve people in a systematic and participative manner
Champion projects
Lead projects
Kick-start, refocus and review projects
Use the methodology and tools appropriate to each project
Work with a Facilitator

Routine operation

Understand systems
Work on a process to analyse and improve it
Measure how a process is performing
Manage routine operation
Set up day-to-day work so that it runs smoothly
Use Statistical Process Control


Understand how data is used in the context of organisational improvement
Understand and practically use the concepts of variation and Statistical Process Control
Develop a balanced view of how the systems and processes under their control are performing
Collect and analyse customer satisfaction data and use it to drive improvement
Understand the difference between, importance of and how to go about data collection, display, analysis and reporting


Run effective meetings
Use tools and techniques in meetings
Ensure balanced contribution and participation at meetings
Be aware of how their behaviour affects meetings
Model positive meeting behaviours
Work with a Facilitator

As a group

Understand the importance of this tier of the organisation and how they need to work both individually and collectively across functional structures
Fully participate in a variety of activities at the organisation's Leadership Forum


Click here for the Organisational Improvement Programme Briefing Note.