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2 Jul 2024
John Holland Group
Gap Bridge Review
18-20 Jun 2024
Universal Improvement Skills
Public course in Melbourne
18 Jun 2024
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Leadership Forum
14 Jun 2024
Hobart Airport
Leadership Forum
12-13 Jun 2024
Hobart Airport
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4-6 June 2024
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Universal Improvement Skills
28-30 May 2024
Universal Leadership Skills
Public course in Brisbane
9-10 May 2024
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27 Mar 2024
Hobart Airport
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22 Mar 2024
Queensland Government
Department of Transport
and Main Roads
Information Technology Branch
Leadership Forum
21 Mar 2024
Queensland Government
Department of Transport
and Main Roads
Information Technology Branch
Executive Event
5-7 Mar 2024
Universal Improvement Skills
Public course in Coffs Harbour


Project Kick-Starts

What is a Project Kick-Start?

Projects run in the traditional manner can take weeks and even months to get off the ground. This time is generally wasted in set up and scoping activities, in particular gathering views from different people.

A Project Kick-Start involves getting everyone involved in a room together, typically for ½ a day to 1 day depending on the size and complexity of the project. Typical numbers on a Project Kick-Start are 10-25 but could be lower or higher. Typical attendees are the Champion, Project Leader, Team members, Key Players, front-line staff and any others as appropriate.

A Project Kick-Start accomplishes a lot of work, saves time and has many spin-off benefits.

When to have a Project Kick-Start

For any large or complex project
For mission-critical projects
When a lot of people need to be involved

The principles and benefits of kick-starting

Obtain a wide range of involvement
Use a structured approach and tools and techniques to ensure balanced participation
Saves time
Gets 'buy in' and alignment from all involved
Scoping and initial planning carried out quickly, efficiently and participatively

Typical contents of a Project Kick-Start

Introductions, what people want from the event and their contribution to the project
Briefing about and clarification of the remit
Briefing Sessions by key individuals
Project scoping
Identification of actions, by who, by when
Identification of possible problems and obstacles
Real work as required
Planning communications

Similar events

We can also facilitate the following events for you:

Process Analysis Events - analyses an existing process, a key output being a Deployment Flowchart
Project Refocus - gets a stalled or struggling project back on track
Project Review - reviews a completed project, particularly useful if the project concerned has been especially successful or has failed to deliver
Customer Involvement Events - does what the name suggests

Use your own Facilitators

If we have trained Facilitators in your organisation, they can carry out this type of assignment for you.


Click here for the Project Kick-Starts Briefing Note

Project Kick-Start
for TransLink in Brisbane
       Project Kick-Start
for South Yorkshire Housing Association
in Sheffield
A group this large is very unusual but can be done        This is a more normal group size