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Strategic Improvement Programme

Background and purpose

The Strategic Improvement Programme is aimed at the Chief Executive and Directors of an organisation - the Corporate Brain to use UIMPROVE language. Getting this team to work effectively together is the second most important thing an organisation needs to do if it is to be successful. The programme is also suitable for departments with a high degree of autonomy in large organisations.

The core programme is 7 days in total comprising three modules of 3 days, 2 days and 2 days. There are also two further optional 3 day modules. The gap between modules should be no less than 2 months and can be much longer (as long as a year) for the optional modules. The order of the modules and the exact content of each module can be tailored to suit the issues and priorities of the organisation.

Module 1 Organisational improvement
Using projects to drive forward the Mission and Vision and implement strategies
Module 2 How to develop and implement strategy
Leading the Next Tier Down (the middle managers)
Overhauling the organisation's meetings structure
Module 3 Controlling and improving routine operation
Getting day-to-day work humming

Each module including the optional modules are described in detail in our Briefing Note.


Who should attend?

(1) The Chief Executive/Managing Director
(2) Directors (Direct Reports to the Chief Executive/Managing Director)

Taking the first step

This programme is most often commissioned by people that have prior experience of it - typically a Director who has been promoted to Chief Executive and now wants to supercharge their own team. For everyone else, three modules is a major commitment. Therefore we offer a 'do Module 1 and go no further' option. This limits any risk - both in terms of adoption of the approach and financial. So far, we've never had a client that hasn't moved on to Modules 2 and 3.


The current record

We have three brave individuals who have been through the Strategic Improvement Programme three times. One of these has been a team member once and the leader (of two different teams) twice. The other two as team member (in different teams) twice and as leader once. We (of course) were curious to find out what they thought, some comments being:

Although the content is the same, the organisation and team are different and therefore so are the real-life issues that need dealing with
Different parts of the contents are more or less relevant for the same reason
It is good to pick up details and subtleties missed the first time around
Previous experiences of implementing what is being learned are invaluable
It's a completely different experience as leader
The Key Concepts and underpinning philosophy really begin to make a difference
It's more about the organisation and team than training


Click here for the Strategic Improvement Programme Briefing Note.