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Strategy Development Events
and Strategy Review

Purpose and format

This activity is to develop or review organisational (or departmental) strategies and is carried out by the Executive Team (or departmental management team).

The event can include:

Developing new strategies
Reviewing existing strategies (content and progress)
Populating or reviewing the detail of each strategy
Mission and Vision review
Designing or reviewing the organisation's Annual Corporate Planning Process

The exact content and remits will be tailor-made to suit the circumstances and will take into account whether or not there are already strategies in place, how long ago they were developed and how successful they have been.


Possible contents

The content will be designed to fit the situation and typically includes:

Strategic Review - Individual Perspectives
Leader Speaks
Development of new strategies or review of existing strategies
Planning for strategy deployment, design or review of the Annual Corporate Planning Process
Input from ourselves - Strategy Teach-in/Refresher

And what you get

"I wasn't sure what to expect and as a rule of thumb I don't like 'outsourcing' strategy or organisational development to external consultants. My belief is that a leader needs to drive and own that process because they need to see it though all phases of implementation and ultimate embedding. The way you facilitated allowed me the room to drive and own the strategy development process, without me coming across as dominating the outcome. Very well done and sincerely thank you." - A first-time client


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