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31 Jan 2024
Asha, Jane, Lisa
and Carly
by the Brisbane River

15-16 Aug 2023
Team Meeting
in Melbourne
Lisa, Richard, Rebecca, Carly, Darnis, Asha

10 Nov 2022
Lisa at Milsons Point

7 Oct 2022
Jane and Alison at Longreach

23 Jun 2022
The UIC at sea
23.00 Harwich - Hoek van Holland
Josephine, Richard, Alison

Lisa, Darnis, Alison
Alex and Rebecca

Rebecca and Richard

Rebecca, Lisa and Darnis

Lisa and Darnis

Team Meeting
in Stockport


Jon and Richard

Tony and John
celebrating 25 years
of the UIC
(with a nice cup of tea)

Tony, John, Richard
and Bali
celebrating 29 years
of the UIC
(with a nice pint of beer)



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