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Team Events

What is a Team Event?

A Team Event is something done by a natural work team. It is an opportunity for a leader and their team to take a step back from day-to-day work, review, reflect and plan.

A Team Event is not the same as team building. We won't take you out into the countryside and get you to dangle each other on the end of ropes. Nor will we make you build bridges out of Lego bricks and draw profound conclusions about how you need to work better as a team. Instead we will help you to work on real issues and pieces of work and develop plans and actions to take back to the workplace.


Typical contents and duration

Typical contents

Successful Team Events are a combination of the following elements:

Getting to know each other better
Leader Speaks
Annual Project Planning
Roles and responsibilities review (priorities and workload)
Reviewing how the team has been doing
Real Work as required
Team structure review
Improving interfaces with other teams

The knack is to get the balance right and do what is appropriate for your team at that time. Teams need to do different things depending on where they are as a team and what is going on in their organisation and industry.


Experience shows that a 2 day format works best. 1 day is the minimum amount of time needed to get anything sensible accomplished. Other options are lunchtime-to-lunchtime or a late afternoon start and then a full day. An overnight stay provides a valuable opportunity for the team to socialise and reflect.

When to have a Team Event

All management teams should have a Team Event:

A minimum of once a year as a matter of routine
When a new team has been formed
When a new leader has been appointed to an existing team
When some new members have joined
When there is a lot of change going on in the team
When the team has a lot of work to do
When the team is in trouble - this could be team or task related


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