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Darnis Arquissandas


Darnis Arquissandas

Darnis joined the UIC in 2009 while he was still at university, studying Electronic and Computer Engineering at the University of Bolton. After graduating he started working full time alongside his colleagues in the UK. In 2015, the Australian team offered him a job, he leaped at the opportunity and moved to Melbourne in 2017.

Darnis’ favourite parts of job are looking after clients, keeping UIC systems up-to-date with key developments and interesting findings, updating our websites and also our pipelines and production servers. His experience in programming languages includes C#, VB, JavaScript, Python and he uses Windows and Linux on a daily basis. All of this broadens the scope of UIC systems.

When Darnis isn't at work, he likes to read, watch TV, work on several electronic projects on the side, not to mention numerous hours spent surfing the net.

E-mail: [email protected]