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Josephine and Fiona

Jon and Richard

Rebecca, Madeleine and Richard

Rebecca and Richard

Team Meeting
in Stockport

The Aussies, Dutch and English
December 2020

Rebecca, Lisa and Darnis


Lisa and Alison

Lisa, Darnis, Alison
Alex and Rebecca

Tony and John
celebrating 25 years
of the UIC
(with a nice cup of tea)

Tony, John, Richard
and Bali
celebrating 29 years
of the UIC
(with a nice pint of beer)



How we work

We work closely with you to give you what you want when we said we would give it to you.

When we start work on a new assignment, we will work rapidly to produce a Version 1 as quickly as possible for you. This will have a highly-focused scope with quick wins built in to improve your current situation. Once this is in place, further development follows an iterative pattern with new features being installed as soon as they are ready, each new feature providing improvements over the previous version. We work closely with users to prioritise each enhancement, our aim being to provide the enhancement with the maximum benefit each time.

We don't employ sales people, specification writers, programmers, installers and help-desk people. Instead our Systems Consultants will come and see you themselves. It will be the same person who then does the programming, carries out the installation, answers the phone when you need support and comes to see you on a regular basis.

Our system design philosophy revolves around making our systems easy to use for both regular and occasional users. Although current trends in IT are towards Business Objects-type build your own reports, we like to build reports for you so that a consistent approach and best-practice is adopted right across the organisation. Our secret police will visit you during the early hours and take away all those spreadsheets you've been keeping on your hard drive (and add the ones we like to our system).

We also believe in pushing the data out to the Responsible Manager. This means that everyone in your organisation can see how their area is performing as close to real-time as possible and use the data to prioritise and drive forward improvement.

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