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Noriaki is the UIC's customer satisfaction data analysis and reporting system



Noriaki is our customer satisfaction data analysis and reporting system. This brings together in one database the wide variety of customer data collected by an organisation. Data is made available to the responsible manager as close to real-time as possible so that the time lag from 'experience' to 'data available' is minimal. Noriaki is designed so that a wide variety of input methods are possible using the latest technology as appropriate. The primary purpose of the system is to provide organisation-wide information to aid improvement. Noriaki is an extremely flexible system and can also be used for other purposes such as Staff Surveys, audits and customer profiling.


Questionnaire design suite
Question and answer libraries
Multiple questionnaires can be live at any one time
Results from all questionnaires retained in the database indefinitely
Search functions allow easy browsing of archived results
Questionnaires can be published to paper, internet, or portable devices such as iPads
Easy analytical and reporting functions
Simple production of graphs with easy export to Word, PowerPoint, etc
As close to real-time as possible
Easy access by multiple users, including front-line managers for a variety of purposes
Easy to use, minimal training required
Easy to install on your in-house servers, stand-alone and hosting options available
Bespoke versions for healthcare, housing and rail now available
Can be interfaced with your existing systems for data import/export

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